Curriculum and Classrooms

Movement and Music Room


 Students learn and sing fun, educational, active songs.  We read books, have show-and-tell; learn about the calendar, weather, seasons and all about being a good citizen, classmate and friend. 

Academic Room


 Through fun, engaging activities students will learn about letter sounds/recognition, writing, colors, shapes and numbers. Daily phonics lessons teach sounds, blending and segmenting.  Each class will have age/level appropriate lessons.   Fine motor development happens daily with writing name and letters. 

Discovery Room


 The Discovery room is a "hands-on" environment where students learn by exploring and experiencing.  Math skills naturally develop as students explore with manipulatives and teachers engage them in group and individual activities. 

Creative Room


  Creating and exploring with all different types of art mediums is a preschooler's dream.  Art happens everyday.  This is a great place for students to develop creativity and work on fine motor skills.  We get messy, but that is all part of the fun. 

Imagination Room


  The focus in the Imagination Room is for students to use their imagination, learn how to get along with others and to develop social and emotional skills such as cooperation, negotiation, compromise and self-control.