Our Philosophy


  • Instill a love of learning and school.
  • Expose children to academic fundamentals to ready them for kindergarten. 
  • Assist children in discovering and understanding the world we live in.
  • Create opportunities for success, which builds confidence and self-esteem.
  • Help children develop social and emotional skills such as cooperation, negotiation, compromise and self-control. 

 Puddle Jumper Preschool is a child development educational center with a focus on learning through experience. Our curriculum educates the whole child by focusing on cognitive, emotional, social, creative and physical development.

Activities are carefully chosen with each developmental area in mind. Puddle Jumper will provide a safe and loving environment for children to explore and experience activities that are tailored to their individual interests, abilities and learning styles. Activities at the school are designed to help children experience success, which will build confidence and self-esteem.

Puddle Jumper is a “hands-on” preschool, children will learn through art, music, role play, and working with tactile materials (paint, clay, sand, water, and more). These type of activities encourage children to observe, discuss, create and solve problems.

The children will be taught the academic fundamentals in fun and engaging ways. Giving students the building blocks for successful reading is one of our main academic goals. Writing (fine motor skills), counting, recognizing colors, letters, numbers and shapes also prepares students for Kindergarten.